____________________________ LINER WAYBILL
Shipper LWB N
for Port to Port Shipment
____________________________ or Combined Transport Reference N
Consignee (not to order)
____________________________ SeaMarCo Ltd
Notify address
Pre-carriage by Place of receipt
Vessel Port of loading
Port of discharge Place of delivery
Marks and Nos.
Number and kind of packages: description of goods
Gross weight Measurement
Particulars furnished by the Merchant
Freight details, RECEIVED the goods as specified above according to
charges etc. Shipper's declaration in apparent good order and
condition - unless otherwise stated herein - weight,
measure, marks, numbers, quality, contents and value
unknown for carriage from the place of receipt or
port of loading to the port of discharge or place of
delivery, whichever is respectively applicable. The
goods covered by this Liner Waybill will be delivered
to the Party Named as Consignee or its authorized
agent on production of proof of identity without any
documentary formalities. Carrier to exercise due care
ensuring that delivery is made to the proper party.
However, in case of incorrect delivery, no
responsibility will be accepted unless due to fault or
neglegt on the part of the Carrier.
This Liner Waybill
which Is nota document of title to the goods is deemed
to be a contact of carriage which is subject to the
terms, conditions, exceptions, limitations and
liberties set out in the Carrier's Standard Conditions
of Carriage applicable to the voyage covered by this
Liner way-no provisions contained in any international
convention or mandatory national law apply to the
carriage by sea, in respect of the sea portion of the
transit, the Hague Rules contained in the Brussels
Convention dated 25th August 1924 and any compuls
orily applicable national enactment of either the
Hague rules as such or amended by the Hague-Visby
Rules contained in the Brussels Protocol dated 23rd
February 1968, which would have been applicable if the
Carrier had issued a Bil of Lading of this non-
negotiable Liner Waybill. A copy of the Carrier's
Standard Conditions of Carriage applicable hereto
(which are, as regards the performance of the Contract
and basis liabilty with respect to combined transport,
based on Combiconbill adopted by BIMCO in January
1971) may be inspected or will be supplied on request
at the office of the Carrier or of the Carrier's
principal agents. The Shipper accepts these Standard
Conditions on his own behalf and on behalf of the
Consignee and/or the Owner of the goods and warrants
that he has authority to do so. "The Shipper agrees to
indemnify the Carrier for any liability incurred by
the Carrier to any party in connection with tine goods
in excess of the Carrier's liability under the
standard conditions. Without prejudice to the above,
the Carrier may process, and settle, claims from any
party entitled to bring such claims and any such
settlement or payment shall be a complete discharge of
the Carrier's liability to the Shipper".
Freight payable at Place and date of issue, / /
- ( 21 2006 N 93)

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